20th Century Collection Library
Architect: MX_SI Architectural Studio
Status: Project (2008)
Visualizer: Studio
Budget: 2.250.328 €
Scale: 900 ㎡ Small
Ratio: 2.500,36 €/㎡
Types: Education, Library

This library will be specialized in art and literature of twentieth century authors. It will house the client’s entire private  collection. It could be figured either as a future cultural centre or an emblematic referent to the zone. The library is presented as an object both clearly identified and deeply inter-penetrated by the landscape, establishing a dialogue and rooted to the site. Thus, the building is designed as a singular geometric container, focusing its interior towards a main open view – a wooded garden where contemporary sculptures will be exhibited.

The building is placed onto the ground gently, via different platforms. Before entering, it raises to an entry plaza where a reflecting pool is located. A terrace extends into the impressive view.

On the interior, the library creates its own atmosphere. It is made of concrete and its geometry is responsive to the careful search for introducing light by lateral courtyards and skylights.
Entering through a filter funnel that prepares the visitor for the indoor environment, a double height exhibition room appears. While the main space is completely open, there are options of differentiated and intimate adjacent spaces of staying.

The double height main space is surrounded by two stories of thematic open rooms. These rooms are continuously turning towards the central space where the book is always the main protagonist. As a parallel requirement, clients wanted to have the possibility to organize concerts for more than 80 people in the interior. Those will take place in the main space with the upper rooms being used as balconies to extend the audience.

All materials chosen are direct consequence of integrating Structure, Geometry, Aesthetic Experimentation and Spatial Expression.

Team: Mara Partida, Héctor Mendoza | Post date: 04/06/2012 | Views: 1.934