A space for school and public functions
Architect: Phalt Architekten
Status: Competition (2009)
Clasification: 1 prize
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Small
Types: Civic center, Institutional

The municipality of Büren an der Aare plans to construct a public centre that provides space for school, cultural and representative events.

The design concept foresees a striking new building with a very flexible level of utilisation and appealing impact on the public, set in park-like school grounds located on an attractive site on the banks of the river close to the historic city centre.

The draft proposes a compact detached building in a prominent location, which will be integrated into the heterogeneous surroundings at an appropriate distance to the existing buildings. While the pentagonal contours of the structure emphasise its autonomy, the way that the interior has been organised is based on the topographical setting.

The differences in heights between the level of the school and the adjacent River Aare are highlighted by the spatial design of the interior. A split-level communicates between the two different heights, which symbolise the two different users: the school and the public. An attractive route planning within the sequence of rooms incorporates both directions of movement. Precisely positioned openings create a relationship to the surroundings and distinctive views of the River Aare and Jura characterise the ambience in the hall in particular.

On the outside, the uniform shape of the roof and facade as well as the materials used emphasise the physical dimensions of the pavilion in the park.

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