Adaptive reuse and transformation of “Istituto Storico e di Cultura dell’Arma del Genio”
Architect: Valerio Recchioni
Client: Ministero della Difesa
Status: Academic
Location: Rome, Italy
Coordinates: 41.923165, 12.461062
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Materials: Metal, Concrete
Environments: Old town, Riverside
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 8.000 ㎡ Medium
Types: Cultural, Museum, Refurbishment

“Istituto Storico e di Cultura dell’Arma del Genio (I.S.C.A.G.)” is one of the most important buildings owned by the Italian army in Rome. Its main task was the celebration of human ingenuity through the explanation of very important historical events linked to the technological development. The Institute is currently abandoned like a lot of old buildings built during the Fascist period.

The project “Sub Urbe” is born to radically change this situation. The ground level of the entire project area is shaped and the building is linked to the neighbouring areas, creating a brand new public system that enables everyone to use the spaces of the museum.

The landscape project involves an orographic modelling of the entire area, in which the various activities of the museum are located in gathered areas, giving identity to the individual assets and minimising the impact of the built above ground. This project enlarges the museum with new contemporary volumes and regenerates the urban fabric, through a series of interventions on the public space.

This development at territorial level, capable of enhancing all the strengths of the area, creates a very strong and flexible urban pattern. The project touches all the different branches linked to architecture, from the urban planning to the constructive detail of the exhibition.

Consultant: Antonello Stella, Marco Mulazzani, Laura Gabrielli | Post date: 29/01/2019 | Views: 7.638