• Albergue de peregrinos para el Camino de Santiago en Canfranc

  • 2317-A47-HSK.ES-2018
  • by AV47 Arquitectura

The old parish house located in Canfranc, one of the most emblematic towns of the Aragonese Pyrenees, will become a new stop for all pilgrims who undertake the “Camino de Santiago”. The building is protected and we will act with absolute purity over it, maintaining its volume and integrity.
The ground floor is designed as an inn to attract people and give life to the old town of Canfranc. This will be the public area of the building.

The first floor is developed from an isolated module. This element, that consists of four bunk beds, storage space and a sliding door, generates small rooms at the same time that respects the envelope of the building in its entirety.

The attic rooms stands as a multipurpose room with an office and kitchen space. It presents a meeting space in the eastern area designed to favor the meeting between the people who stay at the hostel.

The hostel is proposed to be a unique space with a different concept from the usual meaning of “hostel”. A space that falls in love at first sight for its many details:
The arrow of the Camino de Santiago inside the hostel marks the way to the different spaces of it.
Some stairs recreate the road to Santiago. On the risers we can see the names of the 42 main towns that the Camino de Santiago crosses from Canfranc to the city of Santiago and the distance left from each of them to the arrival.

The bedrooms seem a «stop» on the road, containing the name of the stations that the train “Canfranero” crosses on its way from the city of Zaragoza through the Pyrenees. This module allows us to generate intimate and functional spaces while taking advantage of the available space in an excellent way.


architect: AV47 Arquitectura  |  team: Alicia Peralta Catalán, Enrique de la Rosa Lamata, María Angosto Ayerbe, María Eugenia Bahón Fauro  |  client: Ayuntamiento de Canfranc  |  status: Competition (2018)  |  clasification: 1 rang  |  location: Canfranc, Spain (42.716451, -0.525588)  |  climate: Continental, Temperate  |  materials: brick, wood  |  environment: Mountain  |  visualizer: Studio  |  budget: 320.333 €  |  scale: small  |  types: hotel, refurbishment, residential  |  views: 3.284