Architect: Graeme Nicholls Architects
Client: Merchant Homes Parternships
Status: Project (2020) On going
Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Coordinates: 55.851954, -4.3132710
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Material: Brick
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Forbes Massie
Scale: Medium
Types: Housing, Residential

Our ambition for Albion is to create a residential development that is both sympathetic to and celebratory of, the history of the Ibrox area.

The site has gone through a number of iterations over the years including former uses as a greyhound stadium, and training ground for Rangers FC.

The historical and current association with sports on the site is something we are keen to express in our design for the new development.


Historic maps show that the site contained a greyhound track with a ‘bowl’ footprint which we think would be interesting to express in any new development. This plan form also fits the site really well.

In terms of housing as a typology, the established model in the Ibrox area is tenemental perimeter blocks of 4 storeys, and we are proposing this as the model for our own development too.

We are proposing a development of circa 160 flats which will be fully compliant with the new ‘Glasgow Standard’ design standards.

Our scheme also proposes a monochromatic colourway for the buildings with their red hues matching the iconic Ibrox Main Stand.


The form of our proposal consists of two horseshoe plan blocks built up of uniform brick bays featuring stacked windows with arched tops.

This form alludes to both the formal consistency of historic tenement blocks found in Ibrox, and also some architectural features typically associated with sports buildings and stadia.

Landscape: ERZ | Post date: 09/06/2020 | Views: 2.398