• Ampliación del Museo del Prado - Salón de Reinos

  • 1713-CYO-MAD.ES-2016
  • by Cruz y Ortiz

The building should not be referred to as Hall of Realms, since the only part that keeps its original condition is the inside. It would be more accurate to say that the former Army Museum should be remodeled.

The building we found is the result of a series of interventions along many centuries, from its construction in the early 17th, to the last intervention in the second half of the 20th century.

We decided first to eliminate those less valuable elements, as the mansard roof floor built back in 1905 and the central bay in the south side in order to introduce later the suitable modifications to adapt the building to the new requirements.

The elimination of the referred parts endows the building with better clarity both functionally and formally. This leads us to take the exhibition program of 1.600 m2, the smaller of the surfaces requested in the Program.

The bay in the south side is replaced by a construction able to hold the new access point and welcome areas in its ground floor and the cafeteria and the bookstore in its first floor. Gathering the most important elements of the project, this new part of the building tries to house the functions that could hardly be included in the existing one.


architect: Cruz y Ortiz  |  team: Antonio Cruz, Antonio Ortiz, Giordano Baly, Pablo Ortiz, Rodrigo Ruiz, Juan Bautista García, Julia Sevilla, Juan Carlos Mulero, Berta M. García, Rosa Melero  |  client: Museo del Prado  |  status: Competition (2016)  |  competition: Ampliación del Museo del Prado - Salón de Reinos  |  location: Madrid, Spain (40.415798, -3.690314)  |  climate: Continental, Temperate  |  materials: stone, glass, metal  |  environment: Urban  |  consultant: Análisis de Edificación y Construcción SLP (Manolo Delgado), CEMOSA, Pilar Soler, Carlos Núñez, IS Ingenieros (Juan Manuel Baños)  |  visualizer: Poliedro  |  budget: 30.000.000 €  |  scale: 5.113 m2 medium  |  ratio: 5.867,40 €/m2  |  types: cultural, museum, refurbishment  |  views: 3.560

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