The new project of Assouindé’s primary school is a new canteen building developed to accomodate 200 kids of the village during lunchtime. Assouindé is a village in Ivory Coast.The canteen is organized around two main spaces, the “salle à manger” and the “cuisine”. A main roof covers both spaces allowing a better air flow as well as a sun and rain protection.

The main space, the “salle à manger”, is surrounded by a unique long bench that encloses the space and offers a sitting area for the kids during lunch. This space has also been thought as a meeting point for the villagers during social events. The “cuisine” is the space used to prepare the food for the kids’ lunch. It connects itself to the “salle à manger” thanks to a large opening. The canteen is being realised according to the usual construction methods and materials which are found in the village.