The proposal for the Bauhaus Museum Dessau displays a transition between urban scale and fragmentary accumulation of building scale through “museum context”.

To host a broad collection of Bauhaus Foundation Archives, the building reveals seven layers through the context. Between the Dessau City Park and dense urban pattern, the layers which are constituted by galleries of Bauhaus periods accumulate to represent a tectonic and pure modernist composition. The differences in masses are organized according to internal tension of stone masses. The continuity between galleries is supported mostly in ground floor. The broad exhibition area has a direct relationship with surrounded environment through the vistas.


architect: Burak Mangut  |  client: Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau  |  status: Competition (2015)  |  competition: Bauhaus Museum Dessau  |  location: Dessau-Roßlau, Germany (51.834409, 12.242161)  |  climate: Continental, Temperate  |  material: concrete  |  environments: Park, Urban  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: 5.100 m2 medium  |  types: cultural, museum  |  views: 3.719

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Burak Mangut | Jorge Vidal | EM2N | Nussmüller | Ja Architecture Studio Inc. | Architects for Urbanity | Gonzalez Hinz Zabala, Sastre Vielba | Studio BÄNG | Guerra De Rossa Arquitectos, Pedro Livni | Fala