Through an invited international competition in 2009, DRDH was awarded the design of a new Concert Hall and Theatre for the city of Bodø in northern Norway. The invitation followed on from a previous open competition for the masterplan of the city’s Cultural Quarter in 2008, which the practice won. The Concert Hall is one of two principal buildings within the Cultural Quarter, alongside a City Library also being designed by DRDH. Both buildings respond to the particularities of their context, situated between city and landscape, whilst maintaining a familial relationship that creates an urban ensemble. Externally, both façades display a trabeated construction of pre-cast concrete, with an aggregate of local white stone. Forms rhyme between them. Roofs and towers speak to one another and the library establishes a horizon, across which the Concert Hall surveys the dramatic landscape of sea and mountains.

Internally however the buildings offer quite different characters. The Concert Hall has three auditoriums compactly placed from east to west across the site. In the centre is the 920 seat main auditorium and the fly tower; with two smaller performance spaces situated below it, at lower ground level. The main auditorium offers a new typology that embodies the visual and acoustic qualities necessary for a concert hall, alongside the technical and performance characteristics of a theatre. Supporting functions wrap around and over these performance spaces.

A sequence of generously proportioned public rooms connect the auditoria around the two sides of the building that face onto the principal streets, while back-of-house facilities wrap around the opposing sides. Throughout the detailed design stages, the project has been coordinated through extensive use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). The proposal is currently at construction stage and is due to be completed in 2014.


architect: DRDH Architects  |  status: Competition (2008) Project (2009) Construction  |  competition: Bodø Concert Hall  |  clasification: 1 rang  |  visualizer: Forbes Massie  |  scale: 11.200 m2 large  |  types: cultural, opera  |  views: 4.270

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