I’m walking.
A mighty marble rock blocks my path but I glimpse a narrow passage: I get in.
I can hear the water pouring,
I can see some trees,
I breathe deeply the smell of nature: I feel relaxed.
I keep on climbing, there is a further monolith,
I go in,
sit down,
meet other people,
we start chatting,
we climb together.
Suddenly the thermal baths:
just water and woods before us, the endless blue sky and the blinding white of marble.
A sense of peace surrounds me:
I feel free.

A series of marble blocks mark the ascent to the thermal baths: each monolith is conceived as a space for meditation in contact with nature. On the mountaintop one last block is the threshold of the thermal area which consists of several modules connected by large pools carved in the stone. Each module, conceived for a small number of people in oder to facilitate socialization, is composed of four blocks. These blocks host all the typical spaces of Roman baths but the natatio which is in the open air.


architects: Giulia Tomaselli, Alessandro Casa  |  client: Rethinking Architecture Competitions  |  status: Academic Project (2016) Competition (2016)  |  competition: Carrara Thermal Baths  |  location: Carrara, Italy (44.093129, 10.119459)  |  climate: Mediterranean, Temperate  |  material: stone  |  environment: Quarry  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: small  |  types: hotel, residential  |  views: 4.430

same competition (+1)

Arnold Toth, Attila Pall | Giulia Tomaselli, Alessandro Casa