Chongming Island Headquarters
Architect: Cotacero
Status: Project (2011)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Headquarters, Institutional

The main idea is combine 2 elements to create a unique project as a representative green and sustainable element on the island. It’s not only to think about a building with a empty area around it but to introduce 1:1 scale all that happen surrounds the island.

The building will become our “island”, full of uses and viewpoints,  and the area around it, our small reproduction of the Chonming environment, including representative species as trees, plants, fishes & crabs,  etc. ……. all around in a water environment.

Extracted elements from the own island combined with high sophisticated technologies to obtain the maximum integration on the existing landscape, a complete self-sufficient building, a good behaviour in front of the hostile climate of the island, etc…

At 0.00m level, develops our own landscape,…. who try to represent the content of the Chongming island and at the same time, create a sustainable filter (humidity, shadow,…) between the exterior climate and our building. At the same time becomes an special area for the visitor with a lot of inputs created by the natural and the artificial elements incorporated on it…

At 4.50m level, our building or “island” happens , from which we can enjoy of a 360º panoramic views over our particular landscape, towards the horizon and rest of the island. A mixed natural&artificial double-skin placed on all the building perimeter allows to control the interior climate and also reduce considerably the costs in energy terms.

The roof or «park» becomes a place to enjoy, and relax our mind and by the other hand, a sustainable element to isolate the building of exterior and to get different resources such as rain water, the sun irradiation, the wind,  etc…to be reused for sanitary elements, irrigation, electricity, hot water, etc.

Team: Natxo Solsona Tomàs, Miquel Moragues Canela | Collaborator: ABAA Arquitectes | Post date: 09/03/2012 | Views: 2.092