• Estación de autobuses y biblioteca municipal

  • 0825-RUR-AGP.ES-2012
  • by Ruben Ramos

Basic concept of the project is the division of the building in two different hemispheres by a large horizontal plane. That plane arises of the main requirement to a bus station, which is a large roof protecting from rain and sun. Thus the station happens under that roof.

On the contrary, the library uses that plane as floor, gaining that space as a landscape close to the inner spaces, configuring a small isolated world, in which the only eye-contact is with the Ronda Mountains, and the top of the trees existing in the plot.

The buses entrance is hidden by the existing trees, generating a central space, flowing in south-north direction from the bus bays through the functional spaces of the station (ticket office, waiting area, café, shops, etc.) towards the trees. The big shadows casted by the canopy, together with the plants incorporated to the roof create a comfortable environment. Inner spaces can be enclosed for climate control in winter and remain open when the weather is warmer.

Library is set in three different spaces. First one is the reading area, completely clear, second is divided into workshops, research areas, etc. Third one is dedicated to the archives. Apart of these three inner spaces, there is a large exterior space which can also be used as an extension of the reading area. Its configuration, combining long tables with planters in a situation of sun and shadow, allows this space to be used as library most of the year.

Both the station and the library are covered by a system of parallel skylights orthogonal one to the other. The facade facing the city (and the train rails) is solid and homogeneous, while the north facade is set back and adapted to the trees location.


architect: Ruben Ramos  |  status: Competition (2012)  |  competition: Estación de autobuses y biblioteca municipal  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: medium  |  types: bus station, education, library, transport  |  views: 2.312

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