The two main goals this project aims for are to free the historic centre from the abundant and unpleasant bus traffic, and to integrate the adjacent educational facilities in the area, which are now in a peripheral and unconnected situation. To meet the established goals the project tries to establish as a new centre that articulates and arranges both pedestrian and motorized flows and by this break the strong current boundary of the train tracks.

The clearly different programs are given their needed buffer space in order to ensure the adequate characteristics to carry out successfully their program, and this void deals with the surrounding and arranges the space at a larger scale. The intermediate outdoor spaces not only respond to the tradition and climate conditions of the area but also relate each part of the program and activate the area while solving the complex circulations faced.


architects: X+X, B.A arquitectura y urbanismo  |  status: Competition (2012)  |  competition: Estación de autobuses y biblioteca municipal  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: medium  |  types: bus station, education, library, transport  |  views: 1.656

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