LINK is a project that mixes the typological, programmatic, social and aesthetic qualities of East and West Graz, a linking point in the map where both city sides merge into a dense urban node. The urban mass is strategically oriented following the west to east direction in a series of 7 lineal interconnected buildings to enhance the spatial connection, views and flows between both sides of the rail tracks.

The urban ground floor is designed as a 24/7 active shared space, where urban mobility, natural features, retail spaces, sports activities and playgrounds, cultural events are happening simultaneously. The residential and offices masses on top are strategically organised in a zig zag movement to maximize the distance between them and increase direct sun light and views.

The distribution of program is mixed along the 7 buildings, vertically stratified from public to private functions. Public space has been extended through the cores until the terraces and roof top, where a series of leisure programs are available to residents and visitors reinforcing the sense of community. Our proposal offers a very diverse housing and office typologies to promote social diversity among the neighbourhood. LINK is a design tool that starts a flexible project process adaptable to changes of use in the future.


architect: BLAU Bernabe Labanc Architecture Urbanism  |  client: Europan  |  status: Competition (2015)  |  competition: Europan 13 : Graz  |  clasification: 3 rang  |  location: Graz, Austria (47.084742, 15.407566)  |  climate: Continental, Temperate  |  material: undefined  |  environments: Railway, Urban  |  visualizer: Play-Time architectonic images  |  scale: extralarge  |  types: masterplan, public space  |  views: 3.629

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