Europan 13 : Irún

Due to its strategic location and its environment, Irun is full of opportunities (environmental, economical, tourist, historical) the competition offers the opportunity not only to respond to specific situations but also propose action strategies, to strengthen Irun has a great potencial in the Bidasoa to improve the quality citizens of life.

We propose to generate central hubs valuing the existing, opting for a more sustainable urban growth. The strategic plan is to propose a viable economic and technical view, that allows reasonable answers to the present and future of Irun´s needs, avoiding complex situations that can be paralyzed by their high cost.


Action 1 Urban symbiosis
Against the current zoning model we propose a mix of uses as a strategy for an urban sustainable model of growth.

Action 2 Green Infrastructure
We propose to create a large green space in the city center that will be the key element in the structural green network of Irun.

Action 3 Sustainable mobility
We propose a model of mobility based on the use of alternative modes of transport to the car, promoting walking and cycling.

Action 4 Superblock
Faced with the current situation of public space in Irun where the streets are largely occupied by vehicles, a model of road organization based on the concept of superblock is proposed.

Action 5 Automated parking system
The parking lots are arranged in robotic height buildings. Then more public space becomes free for the citizen.

Action 6 Rehabilitation+adaptability
It intends to retain most existing buildings, especially through the rehabilitation, expansion and change of use, the urban structure of Irun as evidence of its history is incorporated.

Action 7 Sustainability+energy
Green roofs improve thermal and acoustic insulation of the building and undercover gardens are proposed as a community activity for relationship between neighbours, in order to achieve maximum self-sufficiency.

Action 8 Participation
We propose the General Urban Planning Process by which the active participation over time of the different agents involved in the development of the city is allowed.

Action 9 Elimination of urban barriers
To eliminate the physical barrier of the railways we propose bridges that are not only for crossing, but have multiple uses.

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