Europan 14 : Barcelona
Architect: Ubicuo Studio
Client: Europan
Status: Competition (2017)
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Coordinates: 41.4453611,2.1665282
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean
Material: Concrete
Environments: Mountain, Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Extralarge
Types: Housing, Masterplan, Public space, Residential

Green atelier

Project site is located in the north of Barcelona, between Canyelles and Roquetas districts. This area is well-known for being currently under a renewal process.
Integration between productive areas and residential environments is a fundamental requirement in planning future-day cities. Long distances slow down flow of people and make citizens depend on car, which has become cities biggest enemy.

In our proposal, residential buildings are based on production infrastructures, creating a complex scheme of two different levels, which allows residential area to include productive infrastructure elements.
Productive layer tends to be atomized, so it can allow totally free circulation and improve communications between both neighborhoods. Among these boxes, a network of patios, passageways and covered areas is planned; this condition empowers residential boxes as well as it complements the productive environment by becoming its natural extension.

In order to solve the plot inclination, boxes take place on three platforms, each on a different height. Elements on each platform share same project construction phase. They will structure productive layer flows on this project.

Orchard networks or growing areas. Made up of small flower beds and greenhouses; they placed around boxes or upon the roofs. The Corserolla mountain will be planted with all kinds of fruit trees.

Parking plots are hidden under the project steps following slope progress. By this system, It would be implemented a sport orientated use into this area, leaving cars circulation as a secondary flow. It would count with three different entrances and a total number of more than 150 parked cars.

More than 8000m2 of sports equipment enhance the existing sports complex. Sports courts will follow parterres shapes, allowing free circulation in between them.

Petanque courts are placed on the south surface of project area, allowing us to keep in the same location other facilities that, possibly, would need extra room.

Productive layer

Project is divided into three construction phases. To solve the slope in each of them, they are placed on different heights. This organization would allow us to divide the site into three platforms, each dedicated to a different task.

Phase 1: 9m height; Fruits, vegetables and flowers storage.
Phase 2: 6m height; Products elaboration workshops, cafeteria, restaurant.
Phase 3: 3m height; Fruit shop, organic vegetable store, florist, artisan ice cream shop

Besides this productive layer, there are some boxes containing multi-use rooms for community, library, nursing, public toilets etc.

As in a wine cellar, the fruits, vegetables and flowers path follows force of gravity direction. Primary untreated product is collected into the mountain and then goes through the «filter» of productive layer infrastructure, where it is temporally stored. In the last platform, product would be topped off and sold to consumer.

Residential layer

Social housing:
Residential buildings are boxes supported by productive infrastructure. These houses position allows all the units to be outside-oriented or open to 15m long side patios. Exterior walls differences with warmer interior finishes, consisting of furniture which widen and fold to accommodate all domestic needs.

Essential social housing:
They occupy the intersection between housing and productive infrastructure boxes. Groups of four boxes are formed around a central area of community uses. Houses are always oriented to the outside or to courtyards of 15 meters long side.
Perimeter walls contain all services related to domestic life needs.

Competition: Europan 14 : Barcelona | Team: Francisco José Blázquez García, José María Calvo Martínez-Aldama | Post date: 28/12/2017 | Views: 4.717