Karlskrona is a city based on the connection between islands; each one has its own urban morphology and character.

The access to the city is located at the North and comes through Österleden, a highslope road crossing the studying areas: the strategic site and the project site. Even if these two areas are important parts of Karlskrona, they have an undefined urban structure and they do not relate with the sea.

The project tries to connect all parts of Karlskrona and to strength the urban structure at the access point of the city.

The relation with the sea and between the areas is developed by the theme of the Productive cities.

For this reason, the principal aim of the project is to create a smart productive city that combines design with sustainability according with the existing image of Karlskrona. The idea is based on a small unit, with typical pitched roof, built in several ways in order to create different kinds of production regarding energy, commerce, sea activities and agriculture. All of these small units will create the common ground for the development of the urban frame: they will be built among the new 1000 houses, the new public spaces and on the seaside.

The urban structure is characterized by the new section of Österleden, intended as a boulevard with continuous facades on each side and crossroads in order to slow down the traffic.

Urban rings will connect parts of the city with public buildings and open spaces, settled at the intersection between these and the Österleden Boulevard.

The project develops blocks with two kinds of residential buildings: condominiums and town houses where ground floors are used for commercial activities and upper floors are green houses for residents’ uses. Apartments have many sizes: small, medium, large. Facades colors are taken from typical buildings of Karlskrona.

Sustainable energy supply will be provided by: photovoltaic plants on the top of the buildings, wind turbins with a storage system settled in the small units, geothermal energy for heating/cooling system, rainwaterharvesting system to reuse it for irrigation.


architects: Davide Bertugno, Maria Giuseppina Fioriello, Matteo Ciavarella, Valentina Vacca, Giuseppe Clemente, Claudio Biccario, Antonio Filippo Losito  |  client: Europan  |  status: Competition (2017)  |  location: Karlskrona, Sweden (56.171971, 15.596029)  |  climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate  |  material: undefined  |  environments: Industrial, Seaside  |  visualizer: Marcello Belviso  |  scale: extralarge  |  types: masterplan, public space  |  views: 2.884