Guggenheim Helsinki
Architect: FAKT
Status: Competition (2014)
Clasification: Finalist
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Cultural, Museum

What is wrong with the ordinary museum?

As the production of art is seeing an enormous evolution in both scale and medium, new spaces and ways of considering the exhibition space is needed. Over the last few decades, the reuse of industrial typologies allowed the use of gigantic spaces for housing large scale installations. Contemporary art is becoming more and more concerned with space itself as artists like Eliasson, Wei Wei, Kapoor and others are creating spaces for collective reception.

The New Guggenheim organizes as a Both And. Variety and Flexibility derive from two very different levels.

– a compact gallery level that offers a homogenous pattern of rooms, varying in size and format.
– one enormous space. A cloud of a 1000 shapes. Unlimited, but specific. A post-white-box-room, offering sheer space and flexibility. The established museum model is no longer enough. The New Guggenheim presents as a new kind of platform for art of the future, a playground of sorts. The cloud space changes with its program, making the Guggenheim the interactive icon of Helsinki.

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