• Islamic Heritage Museum

  • 1328-SNA-AGP.ES-2014
  • by Sara Navazo

The Museum, Islamic Heritage Interpretation Center in Ronda, is located in the Old Islamic suburb, in the present district of San Miguel.

The project’s objetive is the transformation of the area involved in archaeological park. The project was conceived from the analysis of the place and the pre-existence, the remains of the Hammam. It is based on a proposal of strata, levels, along with a contrast of scales.

There are two scales, one lesser, for the museum spaces; and a bigger one, the building volume and the colonization of the roof in the places;  that relate to the future archaeological park and the Old City. The screen building forms a milestone and an axis  in the area of performance, functioning as door to the complex. Externally, the building has a reddish mortar finishing.

The interior spaces definition is based in the counterpoint between positive and negative, making a clear reference about the excavated architectures, where the vacuum comes of manipulate of the container. The spaces are defined with volumetric schemes.


architect: Sara Navazo  |  client: ETSA San Sebastian  |  status: Academic Project (2014)  |  location: Ronda, Spain (36.742996, -5.158949)  |  climate: Mediterranean, Temperate  |  material: concrete  |  environment: Urban  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: large  |  types: cultural, museum, religious, religious center  |  views: 2.856