• Lanzarote Dynamic Square

  • 2316-B17-ACE.ES-2018
  • by Bottega 17

Our vision for the future Spanish square focuses on the idea of moving the socio-cultural activities of the center of El – Almacen out, creating a spatial and functional connection. Connect the cultural center with a paved tongue that reaches the end of the square, like a volcanic explosion. Our idea is to combine the old concept of the square with a contemporary vision of the park, giving life to a dynamic social space. The flexibility and modularity of the fornitures play a fundamental role, allowing the architectural space to change according to the functional needs.


architect: Bottega 17  |  team: Antonio Pieralli, Simone Arlia, Virginia Baldelli, Francesca Cambi  |  client: Rethinking Architecture Competitions  |  status: Competition (2018)  |  competition: Lanzarote Dynamic Square  |  clasification: finalist  |  location: Arrecife, Spain (28.9588004,-13.5519015)  |  climate: Semiarid, Hot  |  material: wood  |  environment: Old town  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: 1.200 m2 medium  |  types: public space, square  |  views: 2.556

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CUAC, Adrián Lobillo Berenguer, Manuel J. Palma Segovia, Manuel F. Villarubia Rojan, Salvador Salgado Alcaraz | Bottega 17