The project is organised through a gradually slenderer block, lightly inserted in the natural slope. Three passages from the existing courthouse to the new building are used as communal spaces and form a series of landscaped terraces with picturesque views of Lake Leman.


architects: DF_DC, Morris+Company  |  team: Dario Franchini, Diego Calderon, Joe Morris, David Storring  |  collaborator: Matt Fallowfield Cooper, Danielle Purkiss, Paolo Crippa  |  client: Canton of Vaud  |  status: Competition (2019)  |  competition: Lausanne Cantonal Tribunal  |  clasification: finalist  |  location: Lausanne, Switzerland (46.530742, 6.638192)  |  climate: Continental, Temperate  |  materials: concrete, wood  |  environment: Park  |  consultant: WMM Ingenieure, Ghiggi Paesaggi, IFEC  |  visualizer: Ver3d  |  budget: 30.000.000 €  |  scale: 5.000 m2 medium  |  ratio: 6.000,00 €/m2  |  types: administrative center, institutional  |  views: 1.801