Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Architect: Caruso St John Architects
Status: Competition Project (2012) On going Completed (2015)
Clasification: 1 prize
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Cultural, Opera, Refurbishment, Theater

Caruso St John were appointed architects for the refurbishment and extension of Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in 2012. The grade II* listed building was built in 1939 and was designed by leading Liverpool architect Herbert Rowse in an Art Deco manner, strongly influenced by the contemporary work of Dutch architect WM Dudok.

We have approached the project as three interrelated parts. In the front of house we are lightly restoring the existing sequence of public rooms and proposing discrete interventions that will address functional shortcomings and bring a renewed freshness to the interiors of the Hall. The auditorium and stage areas require more substantial measures to tackle inadequacies. In these areas stage machinery, house and production lighting and environmental services are being completely replaced within the existing interior architecture. The back stage facilities, offices and second performance space will be most radically changed with the rebuilding of the existing rear extension.

The new building should have a festive and unified spirit like the Rowse Building, with the performance space, back of house facilities and offices being brought together to make a single, compact volume. The wide corner window to the bar, the extravagant marquee and the bold posters and signage lend an urban quality to the new venue, projecting the dynamism of the Philharmonic’s programme out to the surrounding city.

Team: Elseline Bazin, Adam Caruso, Stefan Hurrell, Emily Keyte, Nina Lundvall, Amy Perkins, Lea Prati, Fabian Schnider, Peter St John, Stephanie Webs | Post date: 05/08/2013 | Views: 4.063