The area of the former Sani Caserma is located in Bologna, between the fair area, characterized by large buildings with a mainly craft/commercial function, and the Bolognina area, characterized by residential buildings. The proposed plan creates a new east-west connection within the Sani area. It’s made up of two main actors, public space and private areas.

Public space, made up of a paved component and green areas, has to structure in a clear way the plan. It’s considered a place of the community, subject to public activities and maintenance. On the other hand private areas are left as flexible as possible to effectively respond to changes in building demand.

In general, it was considered useful to preserve all the buildings that contribute to the site’s memory and the overall design of the area, while it was choosed to demolish buildings considered to be an obstacle to the harmonious development of the plan and of poor architectural quality.


architects: Cavejastudio, Fil Rouge Architecture  |  client: Comune Bologna  |  status: Competition (2017)  |  location: Bologna, Italy  |  climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate  |  material: undefined  |  environment: Undefined  |  visualizer: Operavisual  |  scale: large  |  types: masterplan, public space  |  views: 3.658