This project was the winner of a planning competition run by the NSW Government Architects’ Office and Department of Planning in 2017.

Periscope House – is a prototype design that builds on this winning scheme and uses the NSW R3 zoned “Dual Occupancy” housing type to extend an existing dwelling and build an inter-generational family home. The house draws on principles of passive environmental control, affordable construction as well as low water and energy use.

Introverted and small in scale, the house re-imagines a typical suburban home. It plays with the idea of rooms as a series of well-proportioned and carefully crafted volumes filled with natural light. Generous spaces are created to support the activities of family life. The name of this house is derived from the shape of the roof with apertures oriented to capture the moving sun throughout the day. Acoustic and fire separation between the old and the new is achieved through the construction of a recycled brick wall that also regulates internal temperature with its thermal mass.


architect: Youssofzay + Hart  |  team: David Hart, Belqis Youssofzay  |  client: The Government Architect NSW  |  status: Competition (2017)  |  clasification: 1 rang  |  location: Sydney, Australia  |  climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate  |  material: wood  |  environment: Urbanization  |  visualizer: Darc Studio  |  scale: 100 m2 small  |  types: house, refurbishment, residential  |  views: 2.461