On 29th May 2009, the historical church in Våler, Norway, was completely destroyed by a fire. The sun rose at 52.20° that day. This fact set the main concept for the Ny Våler Kirke, to create a perceivable tribute to the old wooden church. A single storey high building part including all supplying rooms surrounds the religious hall protectively.

The hall is twisted to 52.20°. Because of that, the chorus points exactly at the sunrise on 29th May as a sign of new beginning. Except the natural-light ceiling, the main construction is made of wooden beams clad with thin wooden sticks. Those create an upward focus and transport light into the holy space.


architect: Studio BÄNG  |  status: Competition (2011)  |  competition: Våler Church  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: small  |  types: church, religious  |  views: 2.959

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