• Parque lineal Sant Andreu-Sagrera

  • 0511-FAR-BCN.ES-2012
  • by Jordi Farrando

The city of Barcelona is known for its variety of patterns, densities and uses, and the neighborhoods in the immediate vicinity of the new park are no exception.

This careful look at the environment generates the park. A park necessarily fragmented, as the city itself, where the pieces are enshrined through a subtle story line that provides continuity and a metropolitan scale.The territory of the park has historically been an area of fracture, which distanced the neighborhoods to their flanks. To establish urban connectors that facilitate cross paths and articulate the environment is the starting premise.

The nature of these connectors should reflect the way the city approaches the park: one will link public spaces and equipments of high use, others will have a more intimate character.The park is set up as a succession of episodes of two kinds: squares, linked to the main connectors,  that respond to the immediate environment, and a number of Mediterranean landscapes, with abundant trees and vegetation, that establish a rhythmic sequence of references that go beyond the city itself.

The park alternates neighborhood squares with palm tree areas, gardens, meadows and pine forests, in order to create a Mediterranean corridor that relates to the itinerary of the underground train.This park is equipped with interactive signage and self-managed, with a high percentage of surface drainage, an irrigation system that uses rainwater, photovoltaic pergolas that satisfy its own needs, and an appropriate choice of indigenous plants.


architect: Jordi Farrando  |  team: Jordi Farrando, MMI, BB+GG, TiE  |  status: Competition (2012)  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: extralarge  |  types: landscape, park  |  views: 2.512