Two key concepts: Value the characteristic elements of the square in terms of heritage, specially the rolling stone pavement and the arcades through both reinterpretation and recovery of the original typology. And, the spatial delimitation of the square, currently deluded in scale and typology conflicts in its north-east sector.

We establish twelve strategies of action:

– Identity : Rehabilitation of the characteristic paving consisting on rolling stone laid in parallel stripes. Existing materials will be reused.
– Accessibility : Accessible routes in the perimeter, using continuous pavements and soft slopes.
– Public space : We propose a set of terraces that can be used by the nearby restaurants and cafés. The furniture can be stored within the proposed elements, so they can be used independently.
– Recovery of historic typologies : Recovery of existing arcades, adding modern arcades in the north and east parts of the square to enclose it. The aim is to recover the original character of the square by not affecting the existing buildings.
– Drainage : We propose to resolve the current drainage problems by the introduction of a central axis, were water is conducted.
– Urban scene : Delimitation of the square, to avoid the scale and typology conflicts in the north-east sector, resolved by means of the terraces and their proposed arcades structures.
– Resolution of typology conflicts : The proposed elements tend to hide the undesired aesthetics of some of the existing buildings, bringing the new arcades to a more prominent perception, and making the scene more consistent.
– Plants : We aim to soften the stone-like perception of the square by introducing pots and green areas. The arcades that configure the terraces incorporate pots with climbing plants to cast shadows.
– Reversibility and flexibility : The terraces can be dismounted. The timber deck pavement proposed in that areas, as well as the structure of the arcades and canopies, with bolted joints.
– Community participation : The square will be a free wi-fi area, and we propose the use of one of the terraces as stage for concerts or events.
– Memory of the site : We introduce didactic boards in a part of the new arcades, based on historic documents and pictures on vinyl over glass.
– Maintenance : All elements are easy to replace or repair. We use local materials to reduce transport costs.


architect: Ruben Ramos  |  status: Competition (2011)  |  competition: Plaza del Grano  |  clasification: finalist  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: medium  |  types: public space, square  |  views: 1.683

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