Puente Sarasola sobre el Río Urumea
Architect: Alcolea + Tárrago
Status: Competition (2014)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Bridge, Public space

If we had to highlight a hallmark of San Sebastian relevant to the design of a bridge we undoubtedly will point at the high development of its pedestrian and bicycle paths system. The city has reinforced a unique culture that defends sustainable mobility and friendly manners to citizens. The literature notes that culture, which has led San Sebastian to become one of the spanish cities with the highest quality of life.

Thus, compared to the municipal proposal to replace an old bridge in which all traffics are mixed, we propose a radical separation of pedestrian traffic with two objectives: first, to distinguish it from the noise and hazards and secondly, to reduce the gradient slope with a longer itinerary which also links the Egia neighborhood to the river promenade more naturally. The intense experience of crossing the river out of traffic strengthens this idea, which has its maximum stress in the single support on the river where the two boards meet. This character will be reinforced with both viewpoints in the entry and exit to look over the river and the city.

Team: Alcolea + Tarragó, José Ángel Medina, Ponting, Inzenisrki biro d.o.o. | Collaborator: Mikel Quintana, Iñigo Berasategui, Antonio J. Cidoncha, Jon Polo | Consultant: Viktor Markelj (Ponting, inzenirski biro d.o.o.) | Post date: 26/06/2014 | Views: 1.626