Rehabilitation center for disabled San Felice sul Panaro
Architect: Mario Cucinella Architects
Status: Competition (2014)
Clasification: 1 prize
Scale: 1.400 ㎡ Medium
Types: Healthcare, Medical center

The project area lies in the area of San Felice sul Panaro in the low countryside of the province of Modena, surrounded from the most different crops. The project concept has been identified in the archetype of the barn, starting from the observation of this territory and its peculiarity. The building consists of 4 linked bodies, interpenetrating one another, that created a unified space internally, but externally every volume is clearly perceived distinctly. If for the shape was observed the territory, in the choice of the external coating was sought an element of innovation: the coating is a continuous skin, which envelops both the vertical walls of the cover, hiding the gutters and downspouts, and maintaining a clean and well recognizable shaped.

The green project considers the pre-existing trees of the site by creating a green space where to do outdoor and multi-sensory activities, as for example doing micro gardening and using growing aromatic plants which are placed along the paths. Finally, on the structure there will be: an integrated photovoltaic system, the rainwater harvesting system, thermal support by district heating, control and protection systems for the guys who will live in the structure.

Team: Mario Cucinella, Marco dell’Agli, Mirco Bianchini, Arianna Balboni, Valentino Gareri, Francesco Galli, Federico La Piccirella, Clelia Zappalà | Consultant: Sarti Ingegneria, Studio Tecnico Paolo Scuderi, Studio Tecnico Ing. Riccardo Giannoni, Ing. Gabriele Raffaellini, Ing. Marco Dall’Olio, Studio tecnico Roberto Guidi | Post date: 10/10/2014 | Views: 11.969