• River walk with recreational areas in Arbúcies

  • 0840-XCM-GRO.ES-2011
  • by XCM Arquitectura

Since the 20th century citizens and visitors have been crossing the “red bridge” to go from side to side of the city. In the 21st century the City Council proposes to incorporate the urban void created by the river with the usual functions of the city. In order to achieve this, a dialogue space needs to be created to approach the city to the new park. This dialogue is achieved with an intervention like the viewpoint, which adds value and regenerates a residual space used as a parking until now. The park is organized by a series of promenades that connect and sew the present structures with the new uses and values. The project follows these main issues:

– Environment regeneration: removal of discordant elements and improve the stone walls layout
– Integration of natural landscape: revalue to the horticulture zones and the river vegetation.
– Avoid soil displacements: platforms adapted at the existing topography
– Plantation of new trees: new tree species planned to reinforce the overall landscape.
– Hierarchical itineraries: different width paths as per uses and functions.
– Railings and protections: minimizing railings by using short bush fences.


architect: XCM Arquitectura  |  collaborator: Lluís Bedós i Bonaterra  |  status: Competition (2011)  |  visualizer: Play-Time architectonic images  |  scale: 3.000 m2 medium  |  types: landscape, park  |  views: 2.799