The new contemporary chapel is part of the public square and it gives citizens and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the hidden path which links city with the new diener park. Topography is important to create a circular space where equality plays a key role. The chapel is outdoors and the essential classic elements show how to design a spiritual space without boundaries and suitable for every human being.

Water, fire, air, earth and spirit are the foundation of the project where all these elements coexist to create the new public space of the city. Walking through the hidden path is a complete experience for those who want to go inside the chapel or enjoy the stroll. The chapel cannot be noticed when you are walking down the street and the square maintain its visuals to the Park.

Moreover, the water layer change space perception depending on the light and the visuals so people can see the existing church reflected as well as the sky, trees or neighbourhood houses.


architects: Anna Puig, Mireia Pla, Pla Puig  |  client: Archmedium  |  status: Competition (2017)  |  competition: Rome Contemporary Chapel  |  location: Rome, Italy (41.900049, 12.465476)  |  climate: Mediterranean, Temperate  |  material: stone  |  environment: Old town  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: small  |  types: chapel, religious  |  views: 3.385