• Sede Metro Madrid

  • 1748-AYE-MAD.ES-2016
  • by Ayesa

A large liquid square connects the surrounding areas and takes shape depending on the contacts and flows adopted by the city, in the way of complex and fragmented urban spaces inherited from medieval cities. Likewise, this central space allows to carry out a green integration that gives continuity to the vegetation line established between the nearby Plaza de Castilla and the various parks located on the other side of the Avenida de Asturias in which the building is located.

This proposal is based on two main levels: the level of the large summer square, which adopts the original elevation of old garages of Plaza de Castilla, and the one of the winter microsquares, adapted to different heights of the adjacent streets. The first one links the varying levels of the plot and articulates a series of controlled flows, while microsquares cover the needs of the neighborhood.

The great building of Integral Center of Transportation completes the irregular front of Avenue of Asturias and gets distorted in its encounter with the street to reinforce its connective condition in regard to the exterior, adding diagonal flows from Plaza de Castilla that weave it with the surrounding residential tissue. On the other hand, ancillary buildings included in the complex take advantage of the sunken condition of the inner square to occupy the space that separates it from the street, so that its own coverings are configured as floor of the upper squares and only at certain points are folded and fitted into the urban edges to limit the enclosure.


architect: Ayesa  |  team: Daniel Herrera, Miguel Pontijas, Yolanda Tarrida, Miguel Rab├ín, Amador Sevilla, Sandra Bernal  |  client: Metro Madrid  |  status: Competition (2015)  |  competition: Sede Metro Madrid  |  location: Madrid, Spain (40.468951, -3.694063)  |  climate: Continental, Temperate  |  materials: concrete, wood  |  environment: Urban  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: 30.700 m2 large  |  types: headquarters, institutional, office, office building  |  views: 2.779

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