Senior Housing in Pórtol
Architects: Santiago Vives, Tomás Montis, Adrià Clapés
Client: Govern de les Illes Balears
Status: Competition (2017)
Location: Portol, Spain
Coordinates: 39.615321, 2.762634
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Material: Stone
Environment: Rural
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 4.317 ㎡ Medium
Types: Housing, Residence, Residential

The proposal, consisted of implementing a compact building structured around four landscaped courtyards. The site confines with an archaeological protection. The proposal intends to link both sites through treating the green area as continuity of existing forest area. The proposal is composed of a building with horizontal composition of ground floor + first floor and a basement. Four courtyards generate a grand surface of façade allowing all the units and circulation area to have natural light, cross ventilation, and an excellent connection between interior space and the garden, a clear visual control of room modules.

Building arrangement

The program of the building is organized in six parts. Each of them is like a different fire-protection sector. Five of them are allocated to residential area and sociocultural (room modules), and the sixth to service area. The entire center is for people with reduced mobility. Each module has its own core of vertical circulation and evacuation consisting of a staircase and a service lift dimensioned from the parameters of CTE DB SI.

The lobby and reception are located in the ground floor, close to the main entrance and the administration, directly connected to the central landscaped courtyards. The basement is intended for internal use of staffs: a rest area, a training room, changing areas, as well as a kitchen and storages. Through an English courtyard of the North side, once can access the units of mentioned floor, facilitating access for the supplies of the center. In the interior, we have put great importance to environmental aspect, studying in detail of dimensional issues, arranging and grouping of functional elements. In addition, complying with all regulations and technical requirements regarding safety, circulation, mechanical and hygienic issues, we have considered greatly the quality control of the space (normally unregulated) that allows high environmental comfort: sound, lighting, color, tactile feature in the surfaces, interior / exterior relationship… quality and conditions that have extraordinary influence on the mood of users, the environment and the quality of life.

The use of relatively soft materials, soft colours, warm and rather light tones, the control and qualifying natural light (adjustable exterior blinds, translucent elements in the interior…) Artificial light will be warm fluorescent lights, indirect; absorbent ceilings in collective areas.

Facade proposal

We have selected modulated façade specified by repetition of an equal opening system. Every four rooms (two of ground floor and two of first floor) are grouped together to form a larger opening and give a verticality that when repeated systematically, form a counterpoint to horizontality of the compact volume.

Competition: Senior Housing in Pórtol | Team: Francesco Colinucci, Sofia Garcia, Leni Marcon | Post date: 26/08/2017 | Views: 2.683