Suncheon Art Platform
Architect: Javier Mosquera González
Client: City of Suncheon
Status: Competition (2016)
Clasification: Selected
Location: Suncheon, South Korea
Coordinates: 34.954151, 127.483479
Climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate
Materials: Stone, Wood
Environments: Riverside, Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 1.300 ㎡ Medium
Types: Cultural, Cultural center

The new project is placed in the east area of the proposed sites, creating a new recognizable urban façade in the main street. The cultural and exhibition areas, and the New Yeonja-ru, even though they are different elements, they are joined together by a bridge, creating a single building. A cultural reference in the city that will be a meeting point between the local citizens as well as a tourist element in the city. A place to share thoughts and cultural activities, between tradition and modernity.

Common areas : public street

These are understood as a public street to access the visitor’s center, the education space, temporary and permanent exhibitions, as well as to the underground shopping center. It is also a meeting point, to relax or to have a cup of tea, faced to the inner courtyards and also opened to the main street at the east side of the plot.

Courtyards and outdoor events : secret gardens

The inner courtyards of the building are organized in such a way that they mark the connections to the different areas of the building. Local trees and green areas create these secret gardens, ready to host open air exhibitions or public events. The passages connected to the common area, can be fully opened so the visitors can walk freely from one court to another. A pleasant area, a little secret garden in the city.

Exhibitions, education space and visitor’s center : a cultural box

These areas area organized in a longitudinal way so they can be linked between them or can be individually functional. The inner height is bigger than in the other areas of the building due to the several exhibitions that can be held on them. The natural lighting is solved by a longitudinal window placed in the upper part of the west wall, protecting these areas from the views to the parking lot. The storage and the administration area are also placed next to the exhibition areas, as well as some technical facilities above them.

The New Yeonja-ru : a new cultural park

The proposal for the New Yeonja-ru, is placed in the site B, aligned with the common areas. At level ±0.00 it is the new restaurant with nice views to the river. Above it, the new construction. A high position from where to observe the city and the new cultural complex. The access is thought as a great staircase, similar to the Malaparte house, from Adalberto Libera, that it is used at the same time as a meeting and resting point in the new park at the west zone of site B. The Pal-Ma-Bi and the Park Hang Rae memorial are placed there, creating a direct relation between them and the New Yeonja-ru. A cultural open air area closed to the new Suncheon Art Platform.

Building and sustainability : the traditional future

The construction materials proposed show the building as a reference in the city that brings to our memories the traditional Korean constructions. Stone and wood, from the past, and steel, from the present, are the basic elements for the future building. Noble elements that will age properly. The building compactness, as well as its good orientation, make a better energy use over the year. The construction system proposed, by CLT wooden panels, let the project be built in a fast and accurate way. By doing so, the energy consumption is reduced not just once it is finished, but also during the construction process.

Competition: Suncheon Art Platform | Post date: 30/08/2016 | Views: 3.830