«This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean, for in those days the Atlantic was navigable; and there was an island situated in front of the straits which are by you called the Pillars of Heracles […]» Plato, Timaeus
A rough landscape.
A lighthouse.
A fort.
The beginning of a system that needs to be completed.
A closed system means protection.
It means that you perceive it from the outside and at the same time you feel the need of being protected inside.
A square. An ideal square.
Two stele.
The new pillars of Heracles.
They mark the boundary of what is known – the history of the site.
It’s a metaphor that includes the limits of human endeavour.
Beyond the height there is the original meaning of the word landmark: an object set up to mark the boundaries.


architects: [A+M]2 architects, Isabella Ferraro, Francesca Fornasiero, Martina Vivan  |  client: Unknown  |  status: Competition (2016)  |  clasification: 3 rang  |  location: Sagres, Portugal (37.026947, -8.989292)  |  climate: Mediterranean, Temperate  |  material: undefined  |  environment: Seaside  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: large  |  types: intervention, landscape  |  views: 3.283