The proposed project is designed to embody the contemporary Rennes from the peri-urban approach of the city. It will be Ā«at the forefrontĀ», functioning as a catalyst for the significant material of the city.

In tension between the great landscape and the city center, it is integrated into a unique urban situation. The search for close or distant perspectives will inscribe the project both in its immediate context, and more broadly in the territory.

The mixed-use ensemble of the Porte de Nantes must constitute a heritage for the future, bringing the materiality of the center back to the gates of the city.

The project enters into a friendly dialogue with the surrounding area. The natural elegance of its silhouette must however work in power in order to constitute an urban, architectural and landscape balance at the scale of the Alma zone.


architect: a/LTA le trionnaire-le chapelain  |  client: Groupe Giboire  |  status: Competition (2019)  |  location: Rennes, France (48.080923, -1.677532)  |  climate: Continental, Temperate  |  materials: brick, glass  |  environment: Industrial  |  consultant: Ouest Structures + SOLAB  |  visualizer: Jeudi Wang  |  scale: 4.800 m2 medium  |  types: cultural, mixed use  |  views: 1.454