The recognition of the history of a place, through memories of events occurred, is responsible for the cultural importance given to it, specifically in the Palau Fort that aspect is very evident in place as it recalls a bygone era, where architecture and landscape are in perfect harmony.

These memories are present through vestiges, the only elements that remain after the event (battle), healing the wounds obtained from them. And exposing them to those who visit them later.

Both the vestige and its context tell us what happened, exposing scars in two language types that speak of events and dynamics that have taken place.

We believe that the greatest experience to inhabit, is within these two languages, as if they told us a story, having someone counting it, and another affirming it or giving fundamental details.

That is why the proposal is about a bridge between both, the built with the natural.


architects: Laura Catra, Claudio C. Araya Arias  |  client: Young Architects Competitions  |  status: Competition (2018)  |  competition: Military museum  |  clasification: 4 rang  |  location: Capo D'Orso, Italy  |  climate: Mediterranean, Tropical  |  materials: metal, stone  |  environment: Mountain  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: 3.000 m2 medium  |  types: cultural, museum  |  views: 3.147

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Laura Catra, Claudio C. Araya Arias | Gabor Kovacs, David Nyul