53 dwellings in Montreuil
Architects: Calmm architecture, Archi 5
Client: OPH Montreuillois
Status: Project (2020) On going
Location: Montreuil, France
Coordinates: 48.8621111,3.65175
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Materials: Wood, Plaster
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Pavel Mantula
Scale: 3.700 ㎡ Medium
Types: Housing, Residential

The plot is due to become the entrance of the new urban project. It aims to conect the new urban «boulevard» and surrounding nature to give an accessible image to the entire development.

The clear geometry of the building respects the structure of the general floor plan. Thanks to the topography of the parcel and the ambition to create an open living space led us, by slight inflections movements between volumes, to imagine a central alley. The project is made of 3 volumes. The first marks the main entrance next to the public path. The second lead to the heart of the plot and the third becames the background of the alley.

The building defines a new vocabulary for the public space. This has been conceived as an exchange place for the inhabitants, a new meeting place. The public space reconnects the urban development giving a new dynamic to the site.

The strength of the project lies in the quality of the public space generated by building’s morphology. The central common space is visible from everywhere and works like a natural way finder.

Team: Luis Masia Massoni, Fabio Cavaterra, Luisa Barbudo, Jacques Sebbag | Collaborator: Mizrahi, Etamine, Aida | Post date: 19/06/2020 | Views: 3.257