A house with two houses and a foundation
Architect: Víctor Vázquez Balló
Client: Unknown
Status: Academic
Location: Gerona, Spain
Coordinates: 42.289024, 3.276750
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean
Material: Undefined
Environment: Old town
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Housing, Residential

Two siblings, one engineer and one writer, want to make up an abandoned hostel in Cadaqués to live and they have decided to set out on the project. They share the passion for the literature and they imagine a foundation for the social gatherings for friends, a window to the culture for Cadaqués.

The people and the different necessities. These two siblings would like to live together but they would have different familiar realities.

The writer lives with her partner all the year. She works in home but she is used to do it in a separated room. They doesn’t have children. This couple just need a little kitchenette to cook because they usually eat outside or they eat prepared food.

Her brother has two children and a grandchild and he’s elder than his sister. Everyone wants a room to appreciate some privacy. However, they want to meet everyone around the table to talk and enjoy the food that the engineer cooks.

The place

The project is situated in the limit of the old town of Cadaqués, near the Santa Maria’s church. The old town of Cadaqués is like a white stone, remarkable because of the porosity of the streets.

The house

The house is an old aparthotel of the sixties that has been reformed several times with some extensions. The building has the main floor, two floor and one at the underground having different relations with the street. It has a garden giving the house a different characteristics than the other houses of the old town. The fundamental structure are two columns and different main beams. Also there are some stairs that, nowadays, they doesn’t answer to the actual rules. In the underground, there are ceiling vaults that are not original and are covering catalan vaults.

The proposal

The project wants to make different spaces for each situation. This objective will be achieved distributing the different siblings and the foundation in section. It will be organized by equipped walls that will contain the services and the storage giving freedom to the other spaces. Also, it is made a light gallery that will be the entrance to the foundation.

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