Abitare Villa Mater
Architects: BSTR architects, Rosso 19
Client: Compagnia di San Paolo
Status: Competition (2023)
Clasification: 5 prize
Location: Rivoli, Italy
Coordinates: 45.070639, 7.504109
Climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate
Materials: Plaster, Wood
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Budget: 4.279.392 €
Scale: 2.400 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 1.783,08 €/㎡
Types: Housing, Refurbishment, Residential

Abandoned areas nowadays represent urban voids where time seems to flow and proceed differently from the rest of the city. Over the years, the city has grown accustomed to uncomfortably navigating around these areas, almost forgetting what lies beyond their borders. So, how can we redevelop these places, giving them an identity and a form compatible with the context that surrounds them? How can we reintegrate them into existing urban dynamics? The transformation of these places has become necessary, today more than ever, and it is through architecture and design that we can heal these urban lacerations, reuniting spaces and times that seem different.

The project, therefore, seeks a balance between contemporary needs and the preservation of historical traces, conducting a critical evaluation of the built and natural pre-existing conditions. In the case of Villa Mater, the decision was made to maintain the distinctive characteristics of the building and intervene exclusively on the attic to make it habitable. For the rustic buildings, their demolition and reconstruction were planned to create a pavilion in harmony with the pre-existing natural forms in the park.

As for the latter, it was fundamental to redefine the relationships with the context in the first instance, strengthening the existing entrances and identifying three new ones. Each pedestrian entrance was designed with a few simple gestures, yet capable of characterizing the public space they abut. Inside the park, a curved path design follows the natural forms and alternates between green spaces and equipped areas, as well as incorporating the project of the new pavilion.

Consultant: esse8strutture, Tecneas, Openfabric | Post date: 04/03/2024 | Views: 491