Adidas Office Building
Architect: AZC
Client: Adidas Group
Status: Competition (2014)
Clasification: Honour mention
Location: Herzogenaurach, Germany
Coordinates: 49.581786, 10.910105
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Materials: Concrete, Glass, Wood
Environment: Industrial
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 46.000 ㎡ Large
Types: Office, Office building

The debate on the redevelopment of former industrial sites in Europe comes along with an emerging promotion of new sustainable architecture. The creation of new work-methods embodies a unique opportunity to reassert the value of a site and to initiate a local selfsufficiency.

In this sense the ADIDAS competition aims to develop an innovative office building, away from urban centers, which would attract the most talented and creative minds from all over the world.

ADIDAS has revolutionized the Sports industry. By combining spatially industry and leisure we intend to follow with architecture its influence onto lifestyles. The project consists of two buildings placed alongside and linked together with a sculptural ramp in a great atrium of sports. It is composed of 12 clusters gathering up different functions of the program. They are all accessible independently using the ramp from the atrium. The ramp allows walking, observation and physical exercising. Functioning as a true urban space, the great atrium of sports unites the whole program together.

Working spaces are characterized by an industrial atmosphere. Organized on two levels they benefit from various types of spaces: studios can accommodate collective works and large installations whereas office areas allow a more reflexive and individual work. The industrial aspect corresponds to ADIDAS’s aim to create a work environment that is « hyper flexible » and that can evolve according to future changes. Aesthetics are reflected in the construction method, in the façade and the materiality.

The structure is rationalized in order to reach a high energy efficiency. It is made of prestressed concrete, a material which is not only fireproof but very stable and sustainable in time. Moreover the thermal inertia of the building is increased by the mass of the material. The pre-fabrication of reinforced concrete elements near the project site reduces the construction period.

The overall concept aims to reduce consequently the energy consumption. The project involves the use of local materials that have a low CO2 emissions in order to reduce transportation costs and grey energy consumption. Thus advantage is put on to natural resources with passive measures, and active systems with an efficient production and utilization.

Competition: Adidas Office Building | Team: Grégoire Zündel, Irina Cristea, Mario Russo, Roland Oberhofer, Bogdan Chipara | Collaborator: Bollinger+Grohmann, Transsolar, HPP Berlin, Bureau Michel Forgue | Post date: 20/01/2017 | Views: 4.993