Agriculture School
Architect: Antonio Reboredo Raposo
Client: ETSA Barcelona
Status: Academic
Location: Jamnah, Tunisia
Coordinates: 33.606738, 9.021568
Climate: Desert / arid, Hot
Material: Ceramic
Environment: Desert
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 2.500 ㎡ Medium
Types: Education, School

Between boat-collage and collage-boat is made the idea of this narrative and discursive project. A little snake in the little town of Jemnah, with 4000 inhabitants, in the center of the Kebili’s county, complete south from Tunisia, between the normalized chaos of the short-lives in Algeria and Lybia. Against the dessert and the Islamic State, traditional construction, and against the concentration Tunisian government, occupied lands and self-determination politics. The association who rules palm lands in this mortal town has eliminated the benefits itself from the exploitation’s accounting, and any extra benefits go directly on the workers’ salaries and to the public buildings still unconstructed by the lazy and corrupted State.

The program, local attention and regional recentralization within an educational building: a school for adult farmers, with basic services (cantine, bathrooms, offices, spaces for reunion and relax) that the recently occupied farm didn’t have, 4 kilometers from center town. Next to them, classrooms and flexible housing for the students from the region or the country, and a little museum of local history, in the old little fortress built by the French during the 30’s.

In a convulsive but very near Mediterranean, the XIX century vault construction technics of the Catalan masters hug the local adobe walls, now almost forgotten. Wood, earth, stone and ceramics are 4 threads to plot the project to detail, hidden from the sun, a little moved within the wind, keeping the rain water on his belly and with his head looking direct to the palm trees surrounding.

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