Arquia Girona
Architect: Javier de las Heras Solé
Status: Competition (2014) On going (2014 - 2015) Completed (2015)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Small
Types: Commercial, Foundation, Refurbishment


Arrange a floor plan that comes from adding irregular areas using an orthogonal pattern that will organise the new space in a clear and simple way.


Floor plan proportions with a minimalistic facade with one of the facades facing a narrow street produce an interior space with scarce light. This project places the workplaces in the areas with more natural light.


The two floor height gives us an opportunity to deeply treat the floor plan. After emptying and tearing down part of the first floor structure, a better lighting and ventilation is obtained, as well as more public interior spaces. Understand these interventions the same way as surgical cut, to cure.


By means of the orthogonal pattern, prioritising the natural lighting for the most used spaces and emptying the first floor, we can differentiate the public space from the private space (floor internal use of the company) in a clear way using existing walls and the counter desk disposition that organises the hall and customer care spaces. We propose coexistence between public and private space.


Recover and show the stone walls and use only one material: wood. Wood is a material that because of its characteristics, organic, traditional, is a good match for the natural stone. Adding up this material is a way to relate it with the existing walls. Add elements, in an opposite way, without contact between them. Unlike stone walls, the wood strips sequence it is not a load bearing wall, but a covering and that is the way it is revealed. A horizontal wood strips disposition shows us the way in the waiting area, and the vertical disposition leads our look towards the double space that connects the two floors.

Competition: Arquia Girona | Collaborator: Salvador Bou García, Gerard Codina Mas, Gerard Codina Mas, Fusteria Guixeres : Joan Guixeras, Ramón Cabratosa | Engineer: Josep Masachs, Proisotec enginyeria | Structural engineer: Blàzquez-Guanter arquitectes consultors d’estructures | Photography: Adrià Goula | Post date: 07/02/2014 | Views: 3.480