Auby Intergenerational
Architect: Local
Client: Mairie D'Auby
Status: Research
Location: Auby, France
Coordinates: 50.416037, 3.058772
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Material: Brick
Environment: Riverside
Visualizer: Onirism
Scale: 1.900 ㎡ Medium
Types: Housing, Residential

Could we benefit from an inclusive design by turning a wasteland into an intergenerational housing complex? Located in the center of Auby, the «Aldi» wasteland offers the opportunity to apply the principles established by GREYMATTER research at LOCAL. Following the Europan 15, LOCAL had the opportunity to further develop the research concept of GREYMATTER with the city of Auby in France through a preoperational stage implemented on 3 sites. The centrally located wasteland of «Aldi» is the perfect context to develop an intergenerational living concept, integrating activity and commercial spaces to revitalize the heart of the town.

Repositioning the seniors as the productive players in the cities, the project offers an inclusive living concept within a lush and intimate environment. By the help of a simple and repetitive structural principle, residents are able to change the size of their apartments depending on their needs and lifestyles. The linear brick buildings create a link between the main axis of the city and the canal promenade to facilitate and support soft mobilities often forgotten in small towns.

Team: Matthieu Boustany, Anne Brechenmacher, Benoist Desfonds, Enzo Migne, Elida Mosquera, Jerome Picard, Emilie Wu | Collaborator: Ariane + Grégoire, Atelier INE | Post date: 22/03/2023 | Views: 1.760