Balneario de la Fuente Santa en La Palma
Architect: VIAR estudio
Client: Unknown
Status: Competition (2015)
Location: Fuencaliente de la Palma, Spain
Coordinates: 28.459229, -17.850743
Climate: Hot, Semiarid
Material: Concrete
Environment: Seaside
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Pool, Sport

The intervention is seen as a geometric game inserted into the black volcanic magma stone.A downward promenade towards the sea, a set of lookout terraces on the horizon. Downward to the sea promenade, a set of lookout terraces on the horizon. Six ways to enjoy the scenery-six hot options tailored to the terrain. Six white parts embedded in the black. Items transported arising or suggested. The program develops in two levels: planes, platforms and white terraces in surface. The volume is built downward, below ground, inlaid and in related with the land. A white and black maze.


Autonomous sets are proposed, different options for the visitor. There are six sets, “islands” with different thermal uses, looking for different options and sensations. The scheme is the same in each piece; a white platform is built, in contrast with the volcanic matter. On the platform different pools and reservoirs are disposed, solarium and shaded areas, always looking at the horizon, the sea and west.

Below ground the different thermal uses typical of the spas are disposed distributed according to the different configurations of each “island” option; different types of saunas, Hammam, cold and hot areas, steam, cold or hot baths, showers, jets, massage, aeromassage, cures, Jacuzzi, steamoven, nebulizations, hyper salt pools, etc. In the thermal area, the buried part of the program, the light is controlled, creating specific spaces, by aerial light or controlled from the side walls.

Each of the six sets has an ambient and different uses in its down area. This way, the visitors can choose different options and uses. Go over the ensemble looking for different options. The promenades and elements. The ensemble is presented as a ensemble, like a promenade where the walker/visitor is going to be discovering, on its way to the lowest level of the beach, different installations with different options.

The roads are presented as straight cuts within the solidified black magma. The units are sustainable in its design, pools and outdoor terraces and buried baths, consuming the minimum energy and taking advantage of the thermal water of the spring of Fuente Santa.

Competition: Balneario de la Fuente Santa en La Palma | Team: Iñigo de Viar | Collaborator: Sara Navazo | Post date: 03/02/2016 | Views: 4.960