Beyond Building Barcelona
Architect: LOCAstudio
Client: Unknown
Status: Competition (2015)
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Coordinates: 41.404615, 2.210973
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean
Material: Metal
Environments: Seaside, Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Budget: 160.000 €
Scale: 6.250 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 25,60 €/㎡
Types: Exposition, Intervention, Microarchitecture

The cities are built by everyone: specialists, industrials, users and institutions. The Living Concept area is thought from the performances as generator city tools. The construction system, without wastes, give special attention to the self-sufficiency and the efficiency by choosing local materials and its respect for health. A safety and solid system, which is flexible, functional and resilient at the same time. This system is able to adapt to each zone, necessity or change. Wood as a warm material gives comfort. The scaffolding shapes a system which creates suggestive spaces of an architectonic quality flexible for every exhibitor. The modules are open pieces of city that let the integrations and physical and visual interconnection through the people and spaces.

Team: Daniel Lorenzo, Carlota Casanova, Isabel Quirós, Sonia Lamesa | Post date: 12/05/2016 | Views: 3.688