Bivacco Fiamme Gialle
Architects: RigonSimonetti, Alvise Rittà Ziliotto, Anna Franchini
Client: CAI Fiamme Gialle
Status: Competition (2023)
Clasification: 4 prize
Location: Dolomites, Italy
Coordinates: 46.2839360, 11.8272640
Climate: Cold, Artic / polar
Material: Wood
Environment: Mountain
Visualizer: Studio
Budget: 55.000 €
Scale: 9 ㎡ Extrasmall
Ratio: 6.111,11 €/㎡
Types: Cabin, Microarchitecture

The extraordinary landscape of the Pale di San Martino in the dolomites, with its towers and spires, acts in the project for the reconstruction of the mountain hut managed by CAI Fiamme Gialle as a figurative reference: the verticality of its rocky cathedrals is transmitted in the small architecture of the cabin, so that its shape can celebrate the sacredness of the mountains. The fundamental gesture of the project is a physical and a symbolic raising from the ground: the cabin, whose shape is stretched upward, representing this raising, is inserted in a reticular steel platform that minimize the connection, made of four thin pillars, between the rocky soil and the small building, keeping it lifted from the ground. The south face of the hut, facing downstream, is characterized by a circular opening that acts as an eye toward the landscape, who gaze and makes itself seen from afar

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