Blue Clay Country Spa
Architect: Aixopluc
Client: Beebreeders
Status: Competition (2017)
Location: Undefined
Coordinates: 56.606697, 21.088955
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Materials: Polycarbonate, Wood, Ceramic
Environment: Forest
Visualizer: Beta Collective
Scale: Medium
Types: Hotel, Residential

This spa explores the potential of its remote location to give a unique experience to its guests. It is built and run using mostly local resources at hand: blue clay for the spa and kitchen walls, and sheep wool for the guest cabins insulation. Leftover wood from old, dead trees in the surrounding forests will be upcylced into small barns, fences for the animals, outdoors furniture and shed, and firewood for cooking and heating. Blueclay and wood are the main energy sources, so this spa has a positive ecological impact to the ecosystem it belongs to.

The main structures are prefabricated at a nearby timber workshop, transported on a small truck, and easily on site by local carpenters with the help of the spa’s staff. All structures are designed so they are extremely easy to build. An international summer architecture workshop can be organised so all cabins will be built by students.

From that moment on, all enery and material resources, including food, are obtained on site. Guests and staff will slowly build all the temporary structures. As in Latvian farms, this spa will be slowly transformed according to its changing needs over the years. Guests will be offered the possibility of an active engagement in this fascinating process, so they become part of a community, as part of this place’s holistic body and soul improvement.

A spa, a camp

This place seasonal extreme changes are welcomed into the spa as an active material of its magic atmosphere. The guest cabins are easily moved by horses in the farm. They are placed inside the forest in summer, on the edge of the forest in spring and autumn, and attached to the main barns in winter. These barns become porches in summer. Guests will want to come to enjoy each different seasonal configuration.

A spa, a community

The active involvement of guests in the life of this place is a unique asset that will become an example for similar SRED Global contryhouses all over the world. The open configuration of its movable cabins allow a myriad of situations between guests and staff members. Both barns have a central void and big fires on one end of their inner spaces.

The kitchen/staff barn is organised around a big long table, where fire ovens will cook homegrown vegetables, and gathered and hunted food that the chef will daily prepare for guests and staff. This spa will eventually become a world famous restaurant, preparing innovative and traditional Latvian meals.

The spa/guests barn has beds for the blue clay treatment, and a saune that is connected to the shed in the pond.

Competition: Blue Clay Country Spa | Team: David Tapias, Ricard Pau, Carlos Gonzalvo | Post date: 18/03/2017 | Views: 9.881