Borgo Paraelios
Architect: biro+
Client: Archistart
Status: Competition (2020)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Borgo Paraelios, Italy
Coordinates: 42.2980083,12.69066811
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Material: Concrete
Environment: Mountain
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 12.000 ㎡ Large
Types: Hotel, Residential

Our project of extension and renovation of the existing hotel complex «Borgo Paraelios» aims to complement perfectly with both the existing buildings and the landscape, in order to have the least possible impact on the territory and to endorse some naturalistic scenarios, ensuring a thermal resort experience fully integrated with nature.

The main building is set back from the public entrance road, gaining in this way a better exposure and overview on the landscape.

A careful choice of cladding materials -reminiscent of earth and rock gradient- the setting of buildings along the slope and the use of garden greenroofs are the elements contributing to a better integration of the builging in the context.

The guiding thread of the project is water, which from the welcome area accompanies visitors inside the thermal complex, up to the new hotel buildings.

The welcome area, together with the reception building, which can be reached by a large pedestrian ramp, are located at a higher point than the thermal building and the existing buildings, offering an exclusive visual experience.

The welcome area consists of a panoramic terrace, an external food court (which is also the support point for the roof) and the circular reception building.

The reception building, with its lounge area, bar, toilets and administrative areas, represents both a link with the existing building and its functions (restaurant, fitness area, hotel), and the proper distribution hub for all the functions of the thermal complex: the conference room, the thermal baths, the hotel, the cafeteria and leisure area with its services.

The entrance to the thermal area is placed in direct connection with the block of the reception, preceded by a welcome area that connects at a same level the external part of the park, the rooms of the existing complex and the conference room.

The inner space is divided into three functional blocks: the first block is for services such as changing rooms, bathrooms, lounge area and showers; the second block consists of a turkish bath, two calidarium and a frigidarium; the thirs puts together the large indoor swimming pool -a circular swimming pool carved into the rock, a relaxation room and sensory showers.

All the spaces are arranged on a regular basis with the exception of frigidarium and calidarium, in order to avoid one-direction paths and to gain a proper access to each single service according to the needs of the user.

The swimming pool is conceived as a unique element that starts from the beginning of the thermal path through a narrow and long line of water that directly dips into the large indoor swimming pool. The water path continues externally until it flows into the external system of infinity pools.

The external pools are designed according to the connection between the different heights thus giving the chance to enjoy the landscape from different points of view directly from inside the swimming pool. Following the morphology of the context, the path of the water crosses the thermal building creating a real waterfall that, from the highest point of the sensory showers, falls directly into the outdoor pool, meeting the sequence of pools at different heights. The thermal path continues in the nature in the form of sensorial paths that lead to the suites. The chosen material is colored osmotic cement which provides visual uniformity to the spaces and guarantees a perfect coexistence between structure and water.

The ensable of the rooms is designed to guarantee the least visual impact from the landscape point of view while respecting the quantitative requirements of the call (100 rooms). We identify two macro settlement systems: The first one, more compact, consists of 25sqm and 30sqm small apartments in a single block placed transversely to the main entrance of the thermal park. The orientation of the building and its set-back position guarantees total privacy of the apartments which have a view towards the opposite direction from the park. The second system, more articulated and extensive, runs on two different levels, following the heights and connecting the whole complex with a circular pedestrian and vehicular path.

The housing typologies are designed in a way that they can be «overlapped» according to the size and variety of additional services offered. In fact, even in this case the water is the leading element of a landscape that, though man-made, respects the natural vocation of these places giving to the user peace, tranquillity and wellness.

Large bodies of water embrace the rooms on the basement floor slightly invading them, thus also bringing the main element of the project back to the single room. All the rooms located on the upper level have a small private pool. The suites are obtained by merging the two rooms on the upper level obtaining a division between day and night area and a private swimming pool in the middle.

The warm color gradient of the surrounding nature inundates the rooms and their materials: wooden boiseries and pigmented plaster frame large windows which enhance the relationship with the landscape.

Green paths around the complex are at a lower level than the houses to ensure privacy. They articulate into a sequence of services, solarium, promenades and panoramic viewpoints.

Team: Marco berardino | Post date: 19/02/2020 | Views: 4.306