Botanic garden urban elevator
Architect: Collection Architectes
Client: Montauban Municipality
Status: Competition (2021)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Montauban, France
Coordinates: 44.013434, 1.354540
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Material: Metal
Environment: Park
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Extrasmall
Types: Intervention, Public space

The Jardin des Plantes is a haven of nature in the heart of a remarkable heritage environment. This ambitious new project aims to create a link between nature and heritage. Implanted in the heart of the wooded area, the structure is accessible through an opening modelled in the slope and overhung by a light cap, inserted in the massif.

The landscaped elevator, set back from this thin entrance cap, is anchored in the vegetation of the slope and its structure blends with it: the steel is tinted in the image of the tree trunks and the glazed cladding allows the vegetation to show through. When it emerges from the vegetal slope, the framework is then dressed in an undulating and soberly shimmering skin that acts as a trompe-l’oeil. The architecture is tinged with reflections, captures and vibrates the landscape and the sky.

Like an optical illusion, the elevator melts into its environment, it is almost invisible.

Post date: 12/06/2023 | Views: 1.138